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Hadley Road Community Allotment

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Garden, where the green grass grows

Welcome to Hadley Road Community Allotment. A place where our members dedicate their time and energy to cultivating their own land with love.

We welcome you to follow our journey to creating an outstanding community with love, passion and, dedication involved.


Fundraising Event

We are holding a fundraising day on Saturday 4th 
& 5th September 2021, raising funds to improve our allotment. We have plant & veg stalls. Please all do come along and join us, help us spread the word. It would be a lovely day getting to know our community and the growers of our allotment.  See flyer below for further details.

Our community coming together to have a BBQ 

Lets hope the weather will be on our side on the day!


By August, crops are ripening at a fast pace, vegetables are constantly  giving. The joy of summer season are  everybody favourite season.

Keep producing! Pea shoots are so delicious. You can start germinating the seeds now in February/March  and push them in the ground or in trays for a lovely spring crop of leaves. 

Plan your plot, draw a map of what you want to grow next year. With planning, you will become more organised.