Projects & Growing advice

This year we are so excited to announce that we have applied for planning permission to build a toilet and rest area for our community allotment! Look at the proposed computer generated view of our new toilet below.


By now, you should have your garlic in your ground, looking splendid. Garlic need a cold season for their bulb to develop. But if you are too late, you can still plant them and eat their leaves whilst young and tender. Super tasty!


This is a good time to give your beds a good weeding and some love to your strawberries. A much needed mulch will be appreciated from your fruit plants.


You can even put some radish seeds in the ground now, radish loves cold weather. They will grow slow during the cold season, but will flourish when the temperature rises. Just protect them from slugs during the early stages of growth as slugs are hungry during this season. they especially love tender young plants

Start making your own liquid feed

If you are lucky enough to have comfrey in abundance, then make use of this wonder plant. Cut the leaves of the comfrey plant and put them in an air-tight bucket with a brick to weigh the leaves down. In time, the leaves will slowly dry and rot, and produce a super black liquid fertilizer feed for your veg and plants. This method also works for stinging nettles. Both leaves are full of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium – all nutrients needed by growing plants.