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Came across a vegetable that I sincerely thought was a weed until my phone app educated me that it is a Sorrel plant. It has been quietly, strongly growing, with all the neglect that I have inflicted. Who knew that Sorrel is used for reducing sudden and ongoing pain and inflammation? The benefits of this wonder plant go on…rich in vitamin A, B, and C.  It adds a zing of lemon taste to your bland salads, or you can make a Jamaican Sorrel drink, or put the leaves in a bone broth soup. Everyone should have one of these plants in their allotment.


Now is the time to harvest your rhubarb. when you see the stems long and large and the leaves wanting to turn a slight yellow, start harvesting a few stems. This will encourage more young stems to produce.

Baby Pumpkin Plants

I believe you all have pumpkins/squash plants like this. It is very important to separate them into individual pots to ensure healthy growth and root establishment. Looking after them properly at this stage, they will reward you with beautiful pumpkins later on.

Start making your own liquid feed

If you are lucky enough to have comfrey in abundance, then make use of this wonder plant. Cut the leaves of the comfrey plant and put them in an air-tight bucket with a brick to weigh the leaves down. In time, the leaves will slowly dry and rot, and produce a super black liquid fertilizer feed for your veg and plants. This method also works for stinging nettles. Both leaves are full of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium – all nutrients needed by growing plants.