Every year in our picture gallery page, we post our harvest from all the members. The achievement of providing for your own family and friends is truly rewarding. And to see the progress we have on this allotment is astounding. With nearly all plots are producing bountiful of harvest. The diversity of cultures on our allotment brings diversity of produces from all over the world. Hope you will enjoy looking at our gallery of 2023.   


Lovely cucumber, crunchy and refreshing

Chayote (Chow Chow)

Dark green variety of chow chow from Kay’s allotment

A basket of sweetcorn

Sweetcorn success! Beautiful

Pink Fir Apple Potatoes

What a lovely harvest of these special potatoes from Gloria and Dave’s allotment.

Chinese Brocolli (Kai Lan)

Lovely tender stem veg to eat!  So worth growing, as its super tasty.

Gloria & Dave's Strawberries

Everyone’s favourite, strawberries were in abundance in 2023

Mixed sweetcorn

Ivy’s successful sweetcorn, so beautiful!

Ivy's Beans

Beautiful harvest from Ivy, the queen of growing in our allotment!


Ivy’s home grown garlic! super!

Ivy's Beans

Beans in abundance in Ivy’s plot

Assorted Beans

A lovely variety of beans from Ivy

Magda's strawberries

Sweet sweet strawberries from Magda’s plot!


Jackie waiting patiently for her raspberries to ripen! 

King of Kale

A cutting of the perrenial Tauton Deane Kale from Kay

Strong pumpkin patch

This is Anand’s pumpkin patch, great fertility on his plot.


A plummet of glorious raspberries from Gloria & Dave. 

A basket of goodness

Patty pan squash, edible nasturtiums, courgettes, garlic chives, cucumbers all in one basket 

Pak choi

Easy growing chinese vegetable. Fast growing, but it does need protection from birds and slugs.


Grow your own broccoli, full of flavour with a hint of floral


Its strawberry season again! Last years strawberries were full of flavour and sweet. Looking forward to seeing them grow again. Nearly all members have strawberries on their plot. These are Kay’s strawberries.

A wheel barrow of pumpkins and marrows and melons

Theres spaghetti squash, winter melon, chayote, butternut squash, pumpkin, courgettes from kay’s plot

Jackie's Rhubarb and a mix variety of veg

Jackie is our new member and she has had a successful crop of veg for her 1st year at the allotment. Impressive!

A basket of beauty

Magda has created a basket floral of veg. What a lovely gift idea, so beautiful

Chinese Radish

Chinese radish from Kay’s plot, all they need is fluffy soil! 


A lovely pumpkin. love pumpkins