Every year in our picture gallery page, we post our harvest from all the members. The achievement of providing for your own family and friends is truly rewarding. Hope you will enjoy looking at our gallery of 2020.  Lets see how well we do in 2021.  So please watch this space!

Ms Joan Henry's Carrots

These are Joan’s organic carrots. They are perfect!

Mr Jamfred's Chow Chow (Chayote)

Asian Veg grown on a vine, vigorous, yet delicious and very versatile!

A barrow of Spaghetti Squash (Calabash) & Bitter Melon

A lovely barrow of asian Squash..perfect to keep through the winter for nourishment in soups!

A barrow of Butternut Squash

A lovely barrow of deliciousness!


Sweetcorn success! From one of our member. What a harvest!

A basket of goodness!

A basket of homegrown chard leaves, mint leaves, courgettes and calendula flower for making tea. Perfect!

This is from Anand's Plot

A beautiful pumpkin/Squash grown so strong and healthy

Delicious Figs

The queen of figs from member Yvonne.. She grows the best figs in the world! 

Chinese Leaves

Super easy growing chinese leaves from member Kay. The only problem is keeping the slugs of them!

Cabbages from Gloria & Dave's plot

What a beautiful cabbage, this is what it is all about.. the effort and love radiates all over the prized cabbage. 

Crown Prince Pumpkin grown by Plot holder Kimberlee

Organically grown pumpkin on one of our member’s plot. One of the best tasting pumpkins to grow.

Beans grown by plot holder Kimberlee

Kimberlee has an abundance variety of beans growing..from red kidney beans to runner beans. Amazing!

Courgettes and Marrows from member Anand

Mr Anand has been very productive this year, check out these mammoth size marrows and courgettes. Amazing!

Member Joan's Rhubarb

A sea of ginormous rhubarb! Grown by member Joan Henry  harvested today 22 April 2021


Crunchy Mangetout in abundance. Pop some seeds in your trays now and start growing these. January is the right time to start growing Mangetout, as they like the cold.

Spring Radishes

Great for pickling, preserve them like Korean Kimchi, or just eat it raw in salads. So easy to grow..


These pretty Dahlia flower was grown by member Daryl. His plot is just full of sweet smelling floral as you walk by. So beautiful!

Joan's Squash

Sorry for not having a name for this squash, but it tastes delicious. Grown by member Joan. 


Its strawberry season again! Last years strawberries were full of flavour and sweet. Looking forward to seeing them grow again. Nearly all members have strawberries on their plot.

Calabash (long Duhdi)

Mammoth looking dudhis, a cross between a Winter Melon and Calabash, just looking at them brings a smile to our face.

Golden Anabelle Potatoes

Grown from member Kimberlee. What a successful harvest of potatoes!

Red Kidney Beans from Member Kimberlee

Look at the beautiful colour of freshly picked red kidney beans. Full of admiration!

Anand's Pumpkins

Wow, check out the various type of pumpkin plot member Anand has grown. Truly inspirational!

Joan's rhubarb

Look at the size of the rhubarb leaves. Very well grown.